There’s a reason that over to 25% of the entire internet is using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is easy to use, easy to keep updated, free to use, and there is a massive community you can use for support.

If you can learn to use Word, you can learn to use WordPress!

Another big benefit is the thousands of individual developers that work tirelessly to keep WordPress secure and compliant with the latest ‘best practices’ which lets you keep your website up to date with the latest technologies automatically.

My WordPress Website Portfolio

The following represent a sampling of recent WordPress projects. All the sites below were built with WordPress and most have fully integrated social media and email campaigns. Some have e-commerce capabilities and others are SEO optimized, and targeted toward particular keywords specifically for lead generation.



Wordpress WebsitesWordPress Websites Are Ideal For Small/Medium Sized Organizations

WordPress is a database driven system using MySQL, Linux, Apache and uses a programming language called Php. This is a well tested system and allows for very large data heavy sites that load fast.

Thousands of useful plugins also allow small and medium sized businesses to leverage WordPress into a E-commerce behemoth with the ability to maintain catalogs with thousands of products.

Whatever solution you’re looking for, there’s probably a free or paid plugin to help get the job done as developers are constantly creating new plugins for their clients.