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Running well planned social media campaigns is a cornerstone of successful marketing these days but most companies are shooting in the dark when it comes to social media. It’s worth every dollar your budget will allow for and it’s only going to become more important in the coming years.

Any marketer can tell you that a word of mouth recommendation is pure gold, so the question is ‘Why wouldn’t you make it easy for your customers to find you and to share your business with their friends?’

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Are you ready to start getting the most out of your social media efforts?

A successful social media campaign is usually determined by the quantity and quality of the content you’re producing. Too much and you risk alienating your customers and not enough and they may forget about you.

Far too often, we see companies inundating their social base with special offers and deals all day long via every possible social media outlet possible. This is both intrusive and frankly seems desperate to a lot of consumers. On the other end of the spectrum, a lot small businesses have a lot of followers and just don’t engage them often enough or in a meaningful way.

Our Social Media philosophy is to give more than you ask for in return.

What does this mean? Well to start, make sure your giving your audience something of value before you ask them for their business. A 1 to 5 ratio of asking to giving is usually a good rule of thumb. Go ahead and share a few resources, tips, recipes, book suggestions, comments or anything else they may find valuable BEFORE you offer them 50% off your latest widget.

The true value of social media varies widely among industries and companies. Some companies find it easy to convert social media marketing efforts directly into customers, while other companies primarily use it for branding and reputation management.

Social Media is the Future

Just in the last year companies like Coca Cola have started using Twitter 24/7 to handle customer service. Also, REI recently sent out personalized videos with holiday shopping recommendations to some of their Twitter followers. As more of the population becomes comfortable with social media, it will become more important for businesses to keep reaching out.

Social Media Consulting in Madison, WI

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